EXCLUSIVE: BTS ARMY raises over Rs. 10 lakh for COVID-19 relief in India in less than 12 hours  

India is facing the biggest health crisis as it has recorded 332,730 coronavirus cases, on April 23, making it the highest single-day reported cases globally, according to BBC. The surge in COVID-19 cases has resulted in a shortage of oxygen cylinders, intensive care beds in hospitals, and ventilators. With the spike in coronavirus cases, thousands of deaths, lack of supplies, and overwhelmed medical facilities during the second wave, the country's citizens have stepped in and taken upon themselves to provide resources, any kind of leads for plasma donors, medical supplies among others. From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, the majority of social media platforms are overwhelmed with SOS messages. Amidst the crisis, Grammy-nominated South Korean group BTS' fans, called ARMY, organized a fundraiser to help citizens of India.

EXCLUSIVE: BTS ARMY raises Rs. 10 lakhs for COVID-19 relief in India 

BANGTAN INDIA, BTS' fanclub, posted a donation link on Twitter on April 23 at 9:30 pm IST, urging fans around the world and even the locals to amplify about the fundraiser so people can spread the word and donate in whatever capacity. "India is currently facing one of the worst covid outbreaks in the history of the pandemic. The second wave is far deadlier than the first and our healthcare infrastructure is under a lot of pressure. Individuals, as well as organizations, are trying to support the needs of the many affected by covid as best as they can," the statement read.

In less than 12 hours, BTS ARMY has raised Rs. 10 lakh. The donations made been made not just from India but from fans around the world. The message is very clear - any amount that you can afford would help someone in need. If you can't, just spread the word across. The plan is that the fanclub will sharing the bi-weekly updates of the campaign with everyone.

Through this fundraiser, the plan is to help free oxygen cylinder suppliers, provide medical supplies delivery and boost the kitchen that is providing meals to COVID-19 patients at home and homeless. The primary focus is three organizations: Anubhuti Trust - a non-profit organization/NGO formed and self-led by women, TYCIA Foundation - which is providing the most vulnerable communities with food rations packages right now by creating a network of ‘Enablers’ around India, and Mazdoor Kitchen - which is run by a dedicated team of volunteers comprising professors, students, artists and people from the community itself, it has been providing meals and ration kits to hundreds of people across North Delhi, ever since the beginning of the lockdown.

The fanclub is currently focusing on Maharashtra and Delhi states that have been deeply affected. But, they plan to work on helping other states as well. "We're currently prioritizing Maharashtra and Delhi NCR initiatives but wish to start extending our support to cities like Lucknow, Bangalore, Ranchi, and more that are badly hit, and with your help, we can," the statement read.

The sheer determination of citizens of the country should be appreciated. So is the work of this fandom that has time and again stepped up in crisis, and provided aid to the needy. There may be a lot of noise but when it comes to humanity - they all come together to help one another.

For unversed, global superstars BTS, hailing from South Korea, are known for their musical versatility, meaningful music, and strong stage presence. Apart from their thriving career, they use their position to do philanthropic work. Some of their donations are highlighted in the media. This past year, they have supported various institutions to help those hit by the pandemic, art galleries, Black Lives Matter, Live Nation crew, and more. Their philanthropy is taken forward by ARMY! This ain't the first time BTS ARMY has taken the initiative to help the people of the country. Through organized efforts, they do monthly charity donations, birthday fundraisers, the fandom picks institutions to help. They have helped during Assam Floods, organised fundraisers to provide aid to cancer patients, supported sexual assault survivours to name a few of their recent initiatives.

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