Hansal Mehta forgives phone stalker

After spending an entire night enduring crank calls from an unknown offender, Hansal Mehta who tweeted to the Maharashtra police for help, says the matter is sorted out.

Hansal Mehta forgives phone stalker

“The ordeal is over. I filed a police complaint after tweeting to the Maharashtra government. Within no time they tracked down the caller. But the person who owned the phone was not using it to make those crank calls. It was his younger brother, a boy of 14-15 having his fun by repeat-dialling a random number. What action can be taken against someone so young?”

Hansal says the scary part was not just call. “It was the fact that he was calling my wife’s number repeatedly. We could’ve just switched off the phone. But that is never the solution. How do we know the person making repeated crank calls is not a stalker? We need to confront such harassment headlong and not push it out of our attention.”

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source https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/hansal-mehta-forgives-phone-stalker/
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