Did Nandish Sandhu physically abuse Rashmi Desai !

The media circuit was rife with rumours about the couple going separate ways

Rashmi Desai and Nandish Sandhu had a love marriage on February 12, 2013. Rashmi and Nandish quit their long running show Uttaran, just before the wedding to concentrate on their married life.A few months ago we heard that the couple had split and Rashmi had moved back to her home.
Now initially the rumours suggested that the split happened because Nandish was apparently having an extra marital affair. But as per the latest updates, the couple split because Nandish physically and mentally abused Rashmi on several occasions. Small tiffs lead to big fights which finally resulted in physical violence. That’s when Rashmi decided to move out of the house and stay separately.
It seems Nandish has been out of work and would often hang out with friends. This did not go down too well Rashmi. The wifey’s possessive nature is what apparently pushed Nandish over the edge. But did he really get physically abusive with her, guess that’s something only they can confirm.
We tried to get in touch with Rashmi to get a clearer picture, but received no answer. Looks like, there is no mending ways for the once lovey-dovey couple.
We wish both the actors good luck in their respective lives and hope they move on.
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