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Ki Likha Cast, Actor & Actress, Choreographer, All Details

by (Unknown) on Saturday 08 October 2022 12:16 PM UTC+00 | Tags: punjabi-songs-cast
Ki Likha Movie Name & Cast - In this article we will tell you Ki Likha Song Movie Name and its Cast Details like Actor Name and Actress Name, Singer Name & Choreographer Name, Lyrics of the song. we will give you all Information's about Ki Likha Song.

Ki Likha Song Cast, Singer & Choreographer Name 

Song - Ki Likha (Official Video) Singer/Lyrics/Composer - Kaka Lead - Khushboo Khan - Jayant Sharma Music - Agaazz & Master - Basspeak Music - Ameen Singh - Bornstar Films - Scope Entertainment - Prabh Saini - Hungryman Design - Akshay Production (Dubai) Online Promotion - Being Digital - Speed Records

Speed Records presents 'Ki Likha' by Kaka, an interesting take on a lover's struggle on failing to put into words his feelings for the woman he loves featuring Kaka and Khushboo Khan.
The lyrics are written by none other than Kaka himself, the beautiful music by Agaazz Music and this new conceptual video has been directed by Bornstar Films

Kaka New Punjabi Song - Ki Likha (Official Video) Khushboo Khan | Latest Punjabi Songs 2022
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Goodbye Review - Taran Adarsh

by (Unknown) on Saturday 08 October 2022 03:21 PM UTC+00 | Tags: movie-review
Goodbye Review By Taran Adarsh - Looking For 2022's Bollywood Hindi Movie Goodbye Review By Indian Film Critic Taran Adarsh? Then You are on The Right Website.

Goodbye Movie Review By Taran Adarsh

Goodbye is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language family comedy-drama film written and directed by Vikas Bahl.

#Xclusiv... 'GOODBYE' RUN TIME... #GoodBye certified 'U' by #CBFC on 3 Oct 2022. Duration: 144.24 min:sec [2 hours, 24 min, 24 sec]. #India
⭐ Theatrical release date: 7 Oct 2022.

— taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) October 6, 2022

Balaji Motion Pictures, Good Co. and Saraswati Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.'s Goodbye is a family drama.

Harish Bhalla (Amitabh Bachchan) and his wife, Gayatri (Neena Gupta), have four kids — Karan (Pavail Gulati), Tara (Rashmika Mandana), Angad (Sahil Mehta) and Nakul (Abhishekh Khan). Gayatri passes away suddenly but, as bad luck would have it, all the four children are away in different cities/countries where they are working. Three of the four children reach their home in time for the cremation while the fourth (Nakul) gets the message very late and, therefore, reaches after the cremation. 

Even as the cremation and other rituals are underway, the tension between the father and the kids manifests itself, sometimes in full view of the mourning relatives and friends. Why is there so much tension among the family members? And what happens after all the rituals post-demise are completed.

Vikas Bahl has tried to write a social comedy on a sensitive topic like death and the rituals observed thereafter. The manner in which he has penned the story is not of the kind in which he is able to create much humour as several of the bickerings appear futile. 

The behaviour of Tara at such a sensitive time looks weird, to say the least. The audience gets the feeling that even if Tara is not comfortable with the rituals, a dignified behaviour would've prompted her to remain quiet rather than create a fuss over anything and everything. While Harish Bhalla's stance is mature and understandable, Tara's is not, making the drama unappealing. However, the way both of them argue even in front of outsiders is not acceptable. In the face of such death, it seems weird that both the adults should be behaving in such a childish manner.

Vikas Bahl's screenplay is also not half as engaging as it ought to have been. There are also several lapses in the screenplay. The family members have a change of heart when they go to the pilgrim place to immerse the ashes in the holy river but how and why that happens is simply not explained. This appears to be a major lapse in the screenplay as it confuses the viewers about what exactly has transpired for the family members to reform.

 Harish Bhalla's confrontation with his son, Karan, after knocking at his bedroom door appears to be in bad taste and gets embarrassing for the audience as the two discuss the son's sex life — that too in the presence of the daughter-in-law. It would not be incorrect to say that it is the comedy created by the behaviour of the visiting mourners, which is more entertaining than that created by the actions, deeds and comments of the family members because in the latter case, the emotion of grief is far more overpowering for the audience to enjoy the humour. Even if a couple of light scenes involving the family members do have the desired impact, the tragedy that has befallen them comes in the way of the audience's enjoyment of the same.

 Not just the light scenes, even the serious and dramatic ones lose in impact. For instance, the scene in which Harish Bhalla breaks down while 'talking' to Gayatri just before immersing her ashes in the river should've made the viewers weep but even Amitabh Bachchan's performance is unable to shake them if only because the build-up to that scene (the drama till that point) is poor. However, some of the emotional scenes are quite touching and would make the weak-hearted cry. 

As mentioned above, the comedy created by the behaviour of the others around the family members does evoke laughter. The track of Harish Bhalla's younger days is boring and fails to evoke sentiments. Some scenes also look contrived and included just to create an impact rather than flowing organically. For instance, the scene in which Tara gets a call from boyfriend Mudassar (Shivin Narang) and is embarrassed because the phone is on speaker mode and, therefore, his comments can be heard by the entire family. 

The viewers are unable to understand what prevents Tara from disabling the speaker mode after his first sentence itself. Points like who is referred to as Stupid (Harish Bhalla by Gayatri, or Gayatri by Harish Bhalla, or their pet dog) are not even being mentioned here but they do get on the audience's nerves. Vikas Bahl's dialogues are well-written and underline the fact that he is a keen observer of human behaviour.

Amitabh Bachchan does a fantastic job as Harish Bhalla. His performance is flawless even if the script has its share of flaws. 

Rashmika Mandana doesn't quite impress, thanks only to her weird character. She comes across as an irritating and spoilt brat who lacks social etiquettes. Her heavy South Indian accent is also irritating. Neena Gupta is endearing as Gayatri. Pavail Gulati shines with a supremely natural performance. 

Sahil Mehta is extremely natural as Angad and remains in character throughout. Abhishekh Khan impresses with a fine performance in his brief debut role as Nakul. Eli Avrram lends average support. Shivin Narang looks cute in the role of Mudassar but he doesn't get much scope. Payal Thapa is effective as Delna, the house help. 

Ashish Vidyarthi leaves a mark as P.P. Singh. Divya Seth (as a friend of Gayatri) and Shayank Shukla (as Chintan) lend phenomenal support due to their well-written scenes and their sheer sense of timing. Jyoti Kapoor (as Gayatri's friend, Mrs. Wig) and Annapurna Soni (as Gayatri's friend, Pummy) lend able support. Sunil Grover (in a special appearance) entertains as the pandit. But some of his portions are stretched. Hansa Singh has her moments as Gayatri's friend. Arun Bali and Neelu Kohli provide wonderful support. Others are adequate.

Vikas Bahl's direction is appropriate but his script will not cut ice with too many people. Amit Trivedi's music is fairly melodious but a film like this would've been enhanced by a couple of hit or super-hit songs. 'Maaye' is the best song; 'Chann pardes' is also appealing. Swanand Kirkire's lyrics are good. The lyrics of the 'Hik' song are penned by Vikas Bahl and Amit Trivedi. Vijay Ganguly's choreography is okay. 

Amit Trivedi's background music is quite nice. Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti's cinematography is nice. Production designing (by Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty) is fair. A. Sreekar Prasad's editing is alright.

On the whole, Goodbye has a weak foundation in the sense that it appears to trivialise death. Hence it will not be able to score at the ticket counters.

Released on 7-10-'22 at Inox (daily 5 shows) and other cinemas of Bombay thru PEN Marudhar Cine Entertainment. Publicity: so-so. Opening: dull in spite of reduced admission rates. …….Also released all over. Opening was not up to the mark.

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Paisa Lyrics in English - Mika Singh

by (Unknown) on Saturday 08 October 2022 09:16 PM UTC+00 | Tags: bollywood-songs-translation
Paisa Lyrics in English is a Brand New Song Sung By Mika Singh & Bella. Lyrics of The Song is Written By Mayank Gera & Bella While Music is Composed By Manish Sahriya.

Paisa Lyrics By Mika Singh

Hoo !! Teri Hi Baatein Hogi
Hoo !! Terey Hi Charche Hongey
Arrey Milney Ko Logg Tujhsey
Saare Hi Tarse Hongey

You'll Be Focus In The Crowd
Music Bajega Loud Loud
Sabb Bolenge Na Koyi Bhai Jaisa Hain

Sahi Mein Yaar
Sirf Paise Ki Duniya Hain Bhai !!

Ohh Terey Paas Terey Paas
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain

Haa Kisi Ke Paas Yeh Thoda
Kisi Ke Paas Yeh Over
Bande Ki Nahi Yaha
Sabb Paise Ki Power
Jabb Thero Note Kamaenga
Too Nazar Mein Sabki Aayega
Tu Jisse Milna Chahta Hain 
Woo Tujhsey Milney aeyega

Teri Viral Hogi Reel
Tu Bhi Karega Famous Feel
Sabb Kahenge Naa Banda Aisa Waisa Hain

Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain

Paisha Hain Itna Ki Bhardu Chapiusi Mein
Haa Ji Haa Paisha Abb Itna Jaruri Hain
Picche Hain Shehar Abb Paisha Hi Freind
Badalta Hain Harr 24 Ghante Mein Plan

Jebb Meri Loaded Hain Profit Pe Profit Hain
Abb Saari Raat Paise Ko Karu Mein Spend
Note'on Ki Baarish Mein Dikhra Ni Kuch
Banda Mein Same Bas Badal Gayi Looks

Yuh Too Mein Soft Hu Nature Se Hard
Rehte Saath Mere Yaha Two Bodyguards
Abb Hogaye Hain Paagal Yeh Jaanke
Mene Kharid Li Jaggu Ki Lalten
Shehar Mein Shoor Tu Baitha Dekh
Mere Paas Jaggu Ki Lalten
Haa Ji Haa Jaggu Ki Lalten
Mere Pe Jaggu Ki Lalten

Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain
Terey Paas Agarr Bhai Paisha Hain

Hoo Terey !!
Hoo Terey !!
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Hindutva Box Office Collection Day 2

by (Unknown) on Sunday 09 October 2022 02:13 AM UTC+00 | Tags: movie-collection-and-review
Hindutva Box Office Collection Day 2 - Hindutva is a story of today's youth. The film explores the depths of Hinduism through its principal characters. It is a story of friendship, love and student politics.

Hindutva Box Office Collection Day 2

Sameer Siddique- Ankit Raaj - He is a popular student leader who believes that his community is discriminated against. He poses to be a leftist, one who is fighting to protect his community. He is in love with Sapna, and Sapna also loves his dynamics and leadership in the University. 

Does Sameer dream of converting Sapna to Islam and marrying her? We don't know. But his parents are liberal muslim. They love Bharat like a son.

Hindutva Movie Day 2 Box Office Collection Report

The budget of the film is very less, the film has been made in a budget of only 10 crores, but even before the film was released in theatres, the producers of this film had made profit from this film because the digital rights of the film i.e. OTT rights. The satellite rights of the film ie the rights to show it on TV and the music rights of the film were sold for a total of 18 crores.

Hindutva movie has opened fairly around 25 lakhs on day 1 despite limited promotion.

On day 2 Hindutva movie has a strong chance to earn in a range of 30 to 40 lakhs. This will take the two days total to 55 to 65 lakhs.
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Kantara Box Office Collection Day 10

by (Unknown) on Sunday 09 October 2022 02:31 AM UTC+00 | Tags: movie-collection-and-review
Kantara is a 2022 Indian Kannada-language action thriller film written and directed by Rishabh Shetty, and produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the banner of Hombale Films. The film depicts Shetty as the Kambala champion, who is often at loggerheads with Murali, an honest DRFO officer.

Kantara Movie Box Office Collection Day 10

Kantara did well in its first 9 days at the box office and grossed around ₹51.9 crore in India. Presenting the box office collection and occupancy of Kantara on Day 10. Kantara may net Rs.10.00 cr in India on its 10th day

DayIndia Net CollectionChange(+/-)
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 2.3 Cr-
Day 2 [1st Saturday]₹ 4.4 Cr91.30%
Day 3 [1st Sunday]₹ 7.1 Cr61.36%
Day 4 [1st Monday]₹ 4.7 Cr-33.80%
Day 5 [1st Tuesday]₹ 6.3 Cr34.04%
Day 6 [1st Wednesday]₹ 8.2 Cr30.16%
Day 7 [1st Thursday]₹ 4.8 Cr-41.46%
Week 1 Collection₹ 37.8 Cr-
Day 8 [2nd Friday]₹ 5.1 Cr6.25%
Day 9 [2nd Saturday]₹ 9 Cr * rough data76.47%
Day 10 [2nd Sunday]₹ 10.00 Cr * may earn-
Total₹ 61.9 Cr-

Kantara is directed by Rishab Shetty and produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the banner of Hombale Films.
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Kya Legi Bolde Lyrics - Honey Singh Ft. Millind Gaba

by (Unknown) on Sunday 09 October 2022 02:39 AM UTC+00 | Tags: bollywood-songs-translation
Kya Legi Bolde Lyrics is a Bollywood Hindi Rap Song Sung By Honey Singh Ft. Millind Gaba. Lyrics is Written By Yo Yo Honey Singh, Asli Gold & Millind Gaba While Music is Composed By Yo Yo Honey Singh and Directed By Mihir Gulati.

Kya Legi Bolde Lyrics in English - Honey Singh

Paris Ka Trip Legi
Trip Tu Flip Legi
Mote Mote Sip Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Lembo Lumbo Kaali Legi
Teri Behan Saali Legi
Sone Di Dunali Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Diamond Ke Feet Legi
Mercedes Seat Legi
Mere Jaisa Dheet Legi
Jo Legi Bol De

Paris Ka Trip Legi
Trip Tu Flip Legi
Mote Mote Sip Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Lembo Lumbo Kaali Legi
Teri Behan Saali Legi
Sone Di Dunali Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Badmashi Waal Chora Legi
Shehar Mein Tora Legi
Date Bora Bora Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Shaadi Mein Drack Legi
Ya DJ Snack Legi
Kisko Gaate Dekh Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Pyaar Beshumar Legi
Roz Baar Baar Legi
Party Ga** Phaad Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Paris Ka Trip Legi
Trip Tu Flip Legi
Mote Mote Sip Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Lembo Lumbo Kaali Legi
Teri Behan Saali Legi
Sone Di Dunali Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Ainne Zyada Nakhre
I Don't Like This Things Baby
Daaru Ton Bagair
I Got The Things Baby
Tu Mainu Jandi Ni
King Of The Singh Baby
Satthon Utte Kaun
Kaun Johnny Sins Baby

Kya Legi Bol De
Yeh Mera Ikraar Hai
Pyaar Hai Yeh Pyaar Baby
Naa Koyi Jugaad Hai
Jugaad Hota Hai
Delhi Mein Baby Is Slang
Slang Hai Slang Baby It's Bang Bang

[?] Damm 5 Minta Ch 25 Mukauni Ae

Girl What Are You Girl
Girl You Anymore
Are You Insane
You For Real
Chhod De Yeh Aaj
Kar Liyo Kal
So Chal…

Paris Ka Trip Legi
Trip Tu Flip Legi
Mote Mote Sip Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Lembo Lumbo Kaali Legi
Teri Behan Saali Legi
Sone Di Dunali Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Diamond Ke Feet Legi
Mercedes Seat Legi
Mere Jaisa Dheet Legi
Jo Legi Bol De

Paris Ka Trip Legi
Trip Tu Flip Legi
Mote Mote Sip Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

Lembo Lumbo Kaali Legi
Teri Behan Saali Legi
Sone Di Dunali Legi
Kya Legi Bol De

It's Your Boy!
Yo Yo Honey Singh!
Music MG!
Kya Legi Bol De!
Yo Yo Honey Singh!

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Godfather Item Song Cast, Actor & Actress, Choreographer, All Details

by (Unknown) on Sunday 09 October 2022 03:31 AM UTC+00 | Tags: south-songs-cast
Godfather Item Song Movie Name & Cast - In this article we will tell you Godfather Item Song Movie Name and its Cast Details like Actor Name and Actress Name, Singer Name & Choreographer Name, Lyrics of the song. we will give you all Information's about Godfather Item Song.

Godfather Item Song Cast, Singer & Choreographer Name 

Here is the dance number 'Blast Baby' from 'God Father' starring Megastar Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Nayanthara, Puri Jagannadh, Satya Dev & Others. Directed by Mohan Raja. A Thaman S Musical.

Song Credits

  • Singer - Damini Bhatla ,Blaaze
  • Lyrics - Saraswathi putra Ramajogayya Sastry
  • Music - Thaman S

Movie Credits

  • Cast: Megastar Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Nayanthara, Puri Jagannadh, Satya Dev
  • Directed by - Mohan Raja.
  • Producers: Ram Charan, R B Choudary, N V Prasad
  • Music: Thaman S
  • Cinematography: Nirav Shah
  • Production Designer:  Suresh Selvarajan
  • Ex-Producer: Vakada Apparao
  • Dialogue Writer : Lakhsmi Bhupala
  • VFX Supervisor: Yugandhar T
  • DI : Annapurna Studios
  • Colorist : Venu Gopal Rao.J
  • Hindi Dubbing - Manav Mahapatra ( Rudrasoundsolutionz )   
  • Banners: Konidela Production Company, Super Good Films.
  • PRO: Vamsi Sekhar
  • Digital Marketing : First Show
  • Label: Saregama India Limited, A RPSG Group Company

Blast Baby Song Actress Biography and Other Details

Warina Hussain is a Bollywood actress and model. She made her Bollywood debut with the film Loveyatri along with Aayush Sharma which is produced by Salman Khan film's production and released on October 5, 2018. She was born on 23 February 1999 in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her father is from Iraq and her mother is from Afghanistan.

Blast Baby Cast, Actor & Actress, Choreographer, All Details

Blast Baby Girl Warina Hussain Career

After completing her study in Performing Arts at the 'New York Film Academy, she started her acting career through some small music videos. Then, she worked in the modeling industry for some time. she moved to New Delhi and she has worked in a few TV commercials. Warina got a chance to work in an Indian movie Loveyatri in 2018.

Hussain appeared in the movie 'Dabangg 3' for the dance number 'Munna Badnam Hua with Salman Khan. Her upcoming thriller movie 'The Incomplete Man. There was also a buzz about Warina's debut in the South along with Kalyan Ram in the next NTR film.

Warina Hussain Wiki / Biography

By profession, Warina Hussain is an actress and model. Her real name is Warina Hussain but her family and fans call him Wari. Warina's religion is Islam and her nationality is Afgan.

Warina Hussain Instagram Profile - Click Here
Warina Hussain Twitter Profile - Click Here
Warina Hussain Facebook Profile - Click Here

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Kantara Movie Review Twitter: A Gorgeous, Trippy, Dense & ambitious film

by (Unknown) on Sunday 09 October 2022 06:54 AM UTC+00 | Tags: movie-review
Kantara Review Twitter - Are You Looking for Latest Released Pan India Movie Kantara Review By Twitter Users . Then You have Land on The Right Website. Below You Can Read What is the First Reaction and Review and reactions By Twitter For This Movie.

Kantara Movie Review Twitter 

Latest Kannada movie Kantara is creating a dream run at the box office.Considering the craze of the film among the masses, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the Rishabh Shetty directorial will soon emerge as one of the biggest blockbuster hits of the Kannada film industry this year.

Kantara Twitter Review

Team @FilmCompanion after watching #Kantara - what a gorgeous, trippy, dense, eerie, ambitious film. Mind has officially been blown. Thanks @vijaysubs for the screening!

— Anupama Chopra (@anupamachopra) October 7, 2022

Kantara is an action drama film written and directed by Rishabh Shetty. The film stars Rishabh Shetty and Saptami Gowda in the lead roles along with Kishore, Achyut Kumar, Pramod Shetty, Vinay Bidappa and many others.

#kantara is a masterpiece.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A perfect example of a 5 star movie, @shetty_rishab blew our minds in the climax, every frame in movie felt like it belonged there, every set piece felt real, 5 mins into the movie u r already lost in the Kantara's magical world….

— Prajwal shetty (@shettyprajwal_) September 29, 2022

The verdict from the first shows of Rishab Shetty's latest, Kantara, is out and boy, is the word good. Celebrities and other netizens who were aware of the broadcasts on the eve of the film's theatrical release call it a masterpiece. Absolutely impressed with his mastery of storytelling, acting, visuals and music, everyone took to social media to express their thoughts on what they say is Rishab's finest work to date. this day.

"Kantara… the last 20 minutes will take your breath away. Rishab at his best… or should I say THE GULIGA himself personified in him. You would have never seen anything like this in Indian cinema…, I'm so overwhelmed with the climax that I can't explain it. Really need to take a quick trip to Udupi and visit the divine energy," wrote actor-filmmaker Rakshit Shetty.

Anup Bhandari, Mangalurian colleague and maker of Vikrant Rona, wrote: "Grab a @shetty_rishab bow. ! #Kantara is your best work yet! Brought me back to my childhood days . Great job and congratulations @gowda_sapthami, @actorkishore, @AJANEESHB. #Aravindkashyap @VKiragandur @Karthik1423 and the whole team.

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