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Beyond The Neon Review Reddit

by (Unknown) on Wednesday 19 October 2022 12:55 AM UTC+00 | Tags: movie-review

Beyond The Neon Review From Reddit - The film is based on true accounts, a Las Vegas escort identified by his sister in a viral social experiment video. In their quest to reunite the sisters, and inspired to secretly capture the reunion on camera, Joy Salad and her apprehensive crew are thrown into the dangerous and corrupt world of escorting, trying to save the woman from human sex trafficking in Lassa. Documents every step of their desperate attempt to Vegas.

Beyond The Neon Review

Beyond The Neon Review By Reddit

  • Genre: Drama, Mystery & Thriller, Crime
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Larry A. McLean
  • Producer: Woodrow Wilson Hancock III
  • Writer: Marisa Dzintars, Woodrow Wilson Hancock III
  • Release Date (Theaters): Oct 14, 2022  Limited
  • Release Date (Streaming): Oct 18, 2022
  • Runtime: 1h 27m
  • Distributor: Gravitas Ventures
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Thank God Advance Booking Report, Collection, Budget, Duration All Details

by (Unknown) on Wednesday 19 October 2022 07:04 AM UTC+00 | Tags: movie-collection-and-review
Thank God Movie Advance Booking Report & Collection: In This Article We Will Give You Complete Details About  Ajay Devgan's  Most Awaited Movie Thank God Budget, Running Duration and Box Office Collection Reports.

Thank God Advance Booking Report

Thank God is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language fantasy comedy film written and directed by Indra Kumar, produced by T-Series and Maruti International.

Thank God Advance Booking

  • Release date: 25 October 2022 (India)
  • Director: Indra Kumar
  • Music director: Tanishk Bagchi, Rochak Kohli, Anand Raaj Anand, Amar Mohile
  • Producers: Anand Pandit, Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Ashok Thakeria, Deepak Mukut, Sunir Kheterpal, Markand Adhikari
  • Production company: T-Series
  • Screenplay: Aakash Kaushik

The film stars Ajay Devgan, Sidharth Malhotra and Rakul Preet Singh. The film is scheduled to release on the occasion of Diwali on 25 October 2022.

The advance booking for the film will start on 20th October 2022, 5 Days before the actual release of the film, The film is going to clash with Ramsetu and that is surely going to hurt the day 1 collection of the film.

The buzz of the film is not as expected and the film is receiving Backlash due to its content, the Boycott Trend was also there on twitter for the film, Now it will be interesting to see how the film performs after all these hurdles.

As per our prediction and advance booking reports, the film is having to have a total advance booking of around 3-4 Crores on Day 1, the final collections will be under 10 Crores on Day 1.
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Bhediya Trailer Review: Varun Dhawan erupts howling as a werewolf in creature-comedy

by (Unknown) on Wednesday 19 October 2022 07:17 AM UTC+00 | Tags: movie-review
Bhediya Trailer Review : After the release of several solo posters and a group poster, the Wolf trailer has been released. Starring Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, the trailer was unveiled at an event in Mumbai.

Bhediya Movie Trailer Review 2022

Interestingly, it is a big day for Dhawan, who has completed 10 years in the film industry today after making his debut with Student of the Year in 2012.

Set in the mesmerising forests of Arunachal, the Varun Dhawan-Kriti Sanon starrer tells the story of Bhaskar, a man who gets bitten by a mythical wolf, and begins to transform into the creature himself. As Bhaskar and his ragtag buddies try to find answers, a bunch of twists, turns and laughs ensue. 

The trailer shows an exciting sneak peek of Varun turning into the Bhediya, and other stunning glimpses of the wolf in action. A key standout is also the principal cast's sparkling comic chemistry. May it be Varun and Kriti, or Deepak Dobriyal and Abhishek Banerjee, each showcase laugh-out-loud comic timing.

The Dinesh Vijan production has been making waves for its intriguing premise and breathtaking VFX. MPC, the award-winning Hollywood studio behind Top Gun: Maverick, Mortal Kombat, Godzilla vs. Kong and Ad Astra has helmed the creature comedy's visual effects.

Talking about the trailer, director Amar Kaushik says, "Our trailer gives a small taste of the enthralling adventure audiences are in for. Bhediya is crafted to be enjoyed in cinemas. It will fill you with a sense of awe and wonder, and tickle your funny bone with laughs galore. We are glad that it arrives in all its big screen glory soon".

Elaborating on the journey, producer Dinesh Vijan says, "Bhediya is Maddock's attempt to deliver a world class spectacle in record time. A complete family entertainer with spectacular VFX, this is a grand cinematic experience for all generations. It has phenomenal talent like Amar Kaushik at the helm; he has masterfully combined comedy and thrills to give you India's first creature comedy".

After the massive success of Stree and Bala, Bhediya is Jio Studios and Dinesh Vijan's third collaboration with director Amar Kaushik. The film's trailer is all set to drop on the 19th of October.

Jio Studios & Dinesh Vijan present, Bhediya. A Maddock Films production, directed by Amar Kaushik, produced by Dinesh Vijan and starring Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Deepak Dobriyal and Abhishek Banerjee among others, is releasing in cinemas Pan-India in 2D and 3D on 25th November 2022.

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Bhediya Trailer Review in Hindi - फैन्स बोले- इसे कहते हैं ट्रेलर

by (Unknown) on Wednesday 19 October 2022 03:01 PM UTC+00 | Tags: movie-collection-and-review
Bhediya Movie Trailer Review in Hindi - बॉलीवुड फिल्मों के लिए साल 2021 से शुरू हुए मायूसी के बादल थमने का नाम नहीं ले रहे हैं. 'कश्मीर फाइल्स', 'भूल भुलैया 2' जैसी फिल्मों ने बॉक्स ऑफिस पर रौनक बढ़ा दी है. हालांकि इस साल रिलीज हुई ज्यादातर फिल्मों में फिल्म निर्माताओं को नुकसान हुआ है।

Bhediya Trailer Review in Hindi - फैन्स बोले- इसे कहते हैं ट्रेलर

सफल फिल्मों की चाहत में बॉलीवुड 'भेड़िया' का बेसब्री से इंतजार कर रहा है। वरुण धवन और कृति सेनन स्टारर फिल्म 'भेड़िया' का ट्रेलर रिलीज हो गया है। फिल्म का ट्रेलर देखकर लगता है कि दर्शक इसे देखने के लिए सिनेमा हॉल जाना चाहेंगे.

भारत में हॉरर-थ्रिलर फिल्मों का एक बड़ा वर्ग हमेशा से मौजूद रहा है। ऐसे फिल्म प्रेमियों के लिए बॉलीवुड में साल में एक या दो फिल्में बनती हैं और सफल भी होती हैं।

 इसका सीधा उदाहरण है 'भूल भुलैया 2'। इस हॉरर-थ्रिलर फिल्म की सफलता के बाद हॉरर-कॉमेडी 'भेदिया' का ट्रेलर कुछ ऐसा ही लग रहा है।

 क्रिएचर वेयरवोल्फ हॉलीवुड में बनना जारी है लेकिन बॉलीवुड में पहली बार नजर आने वाला है। मैडॉक फिल्म्स का ट्रेलर फिलहाल रोमांच पैदा करने में कामयाब होता दिख रहा है।

'भेलिया' का ट्रेलर शुरू से लेकर अंत तक न सिर्फ सस्पेंस और हैरतअंगेज है, बल्कि मजेदार भी है. इस फिल्म में सस्पेंस, थ्रिलर, जबरदस्त कॉमेडी के साथ-साथ जबरदस्त कॉमेडी भी देखने को मिल सकती है.

वरुण धवन के अंदर एक भेड़िये की आत्मा आ जाती है और एक सीन में वरुण कहते हैं कि 'बाहर के कुत्ते मुझे फूफा जी-फूफा जी बुला रहे हैं' और उनके दोस्त हंसते नजर आ रहे हैं. सांपों से घिरा वरुण.. खौफनाक भेड़िया और जंगल-जंगल की बात है..चढ़ी और फूल खिला है...

'भेड़िया' में हो रही है वीएफएक्स की तारीफ, फैन्स बोले- इसे कहते हैं ट्रेलर

हालांकि अभी 'भेड़िया' और 'जुनून' में कोई तुलना नहीं है और फैंस ट्रेलर को काफी इंप्रेसिव बता रहे हैं. कृति सेनन से लेकर दीपक डोबरियाल और अभिषेक बनर्जी की एक्टिंग की भी तारीफ हो रही है। यूजर्स का कहना है कि 'वुल्फ' रिलीज होने पर ब्लॉकबस्टर होगी। ट्रेलर और कहानी दमदार लगती है। ट्रेलर में वीएफएक्स की भी काफी तारीफ हो रही है. ट्विटर पर यूजर्स किस तरह के कमेंट कर रहे हैं,

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The Legend of Maula Jatt Day 7 Box Office Collection

by (Unknown) on Wednesday 19 October 2022 03:12 PM UTC+00 | Tags: movie-collection-and-review
The Legend of Maula Jatt Day 7 Box Office Collection - This is a recreation of the Punjabi classic film Maula Jatt (1979). The Fawad Khan starrer was released on October 13, and in its first weekend, it went on to break records at the box office. According to reports, this Pakistani and Punjabi language film is the most expensive Pakistani film ever. Scroll down to know the box office numbers.

The Legend of Maula Jatt

Fawad is the male lead of the movie. For the unversed, the actor has done some great projects in Bollywood as well, including Khoobsurat and Kapoor & Sons. Now, finally, he is getting global acclamation after his cameo in MCU's Ms Marvel series.

The Legend of Maula Jatt Movie Day 7 Box Office Collection 

According to a recent report in Deadline, this action-fantasy movie has broken box-office records within its opening weekend. So far, The Legend of Maula Jatt has collected over half a million dollars. Across 79 locations in the UK, the film has earned $355,000, making it trend at no. 9 on the charts.

 In the US and Canada, the film grossed $290,000 and $235,000 respectively. On the other hand, in Australia, it earned $160,000. In both Canada and Australia, the Pakistani movie is trending at No. 6 in the charts, while in the United Arab Emirates, it reached No. 1 after earning over $515,000.

The Legend of Maula Jatt has opened in 25 markets around the world, including Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and Southeast Asia, and has grossed $2.3 million globally in total.

Apart from Fawad Khan who plays the role of Maula Jatt in the film, it also stars Mahira Khan Mukhu Jattani, Humaima Malik, Gohar Rashid and others in pivotal roles.

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The Umbrella Song Lyrics, Bilal Saeed, Meaning, Translation

by (Unknown) on Wednesday 19 October 2022 03:56 PM UTC+00 | Tags: other
The Umbrella Song Lyrics, Bilal Saeed, Meaning, Translation : This Song is a visual tribute to women and their beauty beyond all boundaries and social standards.
  • Singers: Bilal Saeed and Fateh Singh
  • Director: Adnan Qazi 
  • Starring: Bilal Saeed and Fateh Singh
  • Mastered: Waltz Mastering by Tom Waltz (USA)
  • Written, Composed and Produced by: Bilal Saeed 
  • Audio Mixing: Bloodline UK  
  • Record Label: One Two Records 
  • Music Arrangements: Alex Shahbaz 
  • DOP: Amir Mughal
  • Editor : Muhammad Umer Rashid  
  • Line Producer: Hira Mughal
  • Production Design:  Emmad Ilyas
  • Assistant Directors: Muhammad Umer Rashid and Emmad Ilyas 
  • Camera Team Head: Ammar Wasiq 
  • Art: Sami Hassan and Areesha Amin 
  • BTS: Usman Khan 
  • Official Photographer: Ahsan Anwar 
  • Styling Directors: Ali Xeeshan and Ubair Naeem 
  • MUA and Hair (female): Madiha Qaiser 
  • MUA and Hair (male): Paragon Salon
  • Color Grade: Garry Maddison
  • Executive Producer: Bilal Saeed 
  • Production Manager: Taha Nadeem
  • Extended Camera Work: Ahsan Anwar
  • Campaign Design: Muhammad Umer Rashid 
  • UK Supporting Team: Rohit Negah & Savvy Singh
  • Video production: Silver Lemon Media

The Umbrella Song Lyrics - Bilal Saeed

تو سن لے دل دیاں گلاں دو چار سونیے
Tu sun le dil dian gallan do char sohniye
Beautiful! Listen to the  state of my heart

سانوں عشق تیرے دی پے گئ  ایسی مار سونیے
Sanu ishq Tere di pe gaie aisi maar sohniye 
Beautiful! Your love has framed me totally.

دل قابو ویچ نہیں رہندا
Dil qabu which nahin rehnda 
My heart doesn't stay in control 

کجھ پلے وی نہیں پیندا
Kujh pallay v nahin paenda 
Doesn't understand anything too

سب دنیا کولوں ریندا میں بیزار سونیے
Subh duniya kolun rehnda mein bezar sohniye 
I get bored of this world beautiful! 

سوئے وچیرے والے دا دل لے جا تو 
Suhe wachiray walay da dil le ja tu
Take the heart away of this handsome

سوئے وچیرے والے دا دل لے جا تو
Suhe wachiray walay da dil le ja tu
Take the heart away of this handsome

آں چھتری دی چھاں وچ اکے بیجا تو
Aa chatri di chaan ch aa k beh ja tu 
Come sit under the shadow of umbrella 

آں چھتری دی چھاں وچ اکے بیجا تو
Aa chatri di chaan ch aa k beh ja tu 
Come sit under the shadow of umbrella 

بے جا بے جا بلو کرتی اے تو
Beh ja beh ja billo kerti ay tu 
Billo you've blown everyone away

ہر جگہ نظریں آپ پر جاتی ہیں
Every where you go eyes on you
Every where you go eyes on you

ہر کوئ ٹراۓ ٹو سلائڈ آن یو
Har koi tryna slide on you
Everyone try to slide on you

کہنا چاہے آئ وانٹ یو
Har koi say I want you ay
Everyone say I want you ay

نہ بلو میں تینوں نہیں کھونا
Na Billo me tenu nahi khona 
I don't want to lose you Billo

کرے ریپ نالے مونڈا بڑا سونا 
Kare rap nalay munda buda sona
Boy is handsome and knows how to rap

تیرا ایکس میرے اگے کون اے
Tera ex mere aagay kon aa
Your ex is nothing infront of me

گڑاڑی اڑ گئ تینوں میں پونا
Girari arh gai tenu me pauna 
My mind is stuck on you  and i will get you

دھیرے دھیرے میرے کول تے آ نہ  
Dheere dheere mere kol te aa na
Come slowly towards me 

سنا دوں میں تجھے کوئ گانا
Suna du me tujhe koi gaana
So I can sing you a song

سوئے وچیرے والا
Suhe Wachire wala 
Oh handsome

تو تے کرے کمالاں
Tu tah kare kamalan
You do it well

تو زلفاں نو اپنی اج پالے پراندہ نی
Tu zulfan nu apni aaj paalay paranda ni
Wear a paranda in your hair

تیری کالیاں کالیاں زلفاں نے بدل لے آنا نی
Teri kaaliyan kaaliyan zulfan nay badal leh ana ni
Your thick black hair has made the atmosphere completely cloudy

تیرے تے آیا ہے دل کسی تے آندا نہیں 
Tere tay Aya hai dil Kisi te aanda nahi
My heart fell for you, it does not fall for anyone else.

چل رہن دے باقی دل دی گلاں میں ایتھے سنندا نہیں 
Chal rehne de baaki dil di gal me aithay sunanda nahi
Okay leave it, I'll not address the rest of the matter of my heart here

تو کر کے دل دی چوری،اوتں کہندی اے سوری
Tu kar k dil di chori, uton kehndi ae sorry 
You steal my heart, then you say sorry

اے نا انصافی ہوئی ویچ بازار سونیے
Ae na insaafi hui wich bazaar soniye 
Oh beautiful, You've been unjust openly

سادی تے سن لیے اپنی کہ جا تو
Saadi te sunlaiya apni kehja tu
You heard me now tell me what you have to say

سادی تے سن لیے اپنی کہ جا تو
Saadi te sunlaiya apni kehja tu
You heard me now tell me what you have to say

آ چھتری دی چھاں وچ اکے بیجا ت
Aa chatri di chaan ch aa k behja tu
Come sit under the shadow of the umbrella

آ چھتری دی چھاں وچ اکے بیجا ت
Aa chatri di chaan ch aa k behja tu
Come sit under the shadow of the umbrella

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