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Fast walking vs. slow jogging: Which is better?

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Fast walking vs. slow jogging: Which is better?
Indulging in cardio exercise can work wonders for your weight loss journey. It not only helps burn m...
Lunge variations to get lean, toned legs
Any movement is great for weight loss and fat burn. But if you want to...
Why does food in restaurants taste better?
Restaurants may not be serving healthy food that we get at home, but w...
Food News
Worst celebrity breakups of all times
Bollywood as well as Hollywood has seen several breakups over the year...
Love & Sex
How COVID affects brain: 10 key points
​Several research studies and health related theories have come forward supporting the debilitating ...
4 ways to use curry leaves on hair
From combatting hair loss to getting rid of dandruff and itchy scalp, ...
Hottest showstoppers at BTFW 2022
BTFW 2022 was one star-studded affair.
Web Stories
Did you know your body eats itself daily?
It’s a way for the body to cleanse itself. “Think of it as our body’s ...
Health News

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