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HT City: The plentitude, perseverance and perils of Nature

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Friday, July 15, 2022
Sonal Kalra, Managing Editor
(Lifestyle), Hindustan Times
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The plentitude, perseverance and perils of Nature

Unless you have been holidaying abroad like the who’s who of Bollywood, you would know the turbulent weather patterns prevalent in the country of late. Even though none of us are unfamiliar to weather woes, the juxtaposition of extreme spells of dry heat in areas like Delhi, Rajasthan and Haryana and the incessant downpour in places like Maharashtra and Gujarat on the Western coast and Assam, Manipur and Odisha on the Eastern coast has once again shone light on the fury of nature. Not to discount the heart-wrenching Amarnath cloudburst tragedy and flooding Himachal Pradesh. While we, reeling under 45 degree Celsius in Delhi, rejoice and roll out happy statuses at the slightest drizzle, visuals of this widespread devastation are a stark reminder that we should not cross the line with nature. And these are not reminders of some far-off world or inaccessible to any of us. Check your social media feed and let the irony of people enjoying moderate showers in one part of the country even as those in other parts of the country seek refuge on their roofs from rising water sink in. Time and again, nature has shown that even though it is a gift that keeps giving, it has its way of getting back if we mess with it.



Sensitivity towards nature isn’t a fancy concept to implement. I agree it is not easy being green, but start with your immediate environment and keep a check on everyday things - it is often the small things left unchecked that lead to big disasters. If the mountains are calling, then as a guest of those very mountains, you have certain responsibilities towards the places you visit. Start with carrying your own copper or steel water bottles, keep spare cloth or jute bags to pick up your waste packets, eat as much local produce in reusable utensils - really, it is not that hard. And once these small steps become an everyday habit, it won't be difficult to tackle larger issues. So, here's to a plentiful monsoon and safer times.


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Tune in to what gets Pratik Gandhi grooving.

1. Ab Ke Saawan: It is a song that I listen to every monsoon. It is a fun and peppy number and Shubha Mudgal's voice is just magic.

2. Piya Basanti Re: it is such a soul number.

3. Pasoori: This Ali Sethi song is cool. I have been hearing it on loop.

4. Sachin Jigar's Ab Ke Sawan: It is a lovely rendition that talks about saawan. It featured me and Esha Kansara in the music video.

4. Satrangi Re: This song from Wrong Side Raju is another favourite. It is also Arjit Singh's first Gujarati song.

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