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Lil Bunty Lyrics in English (Translation) - Kr$na

by (Unknown) on Monday 16 May 2022 01:31 AM UTC+00 | Tags: bollywood-songs-translation
Lil Bunty Lyrics in English, Sung By Kr$na. Lyrics is Written By Kr$na While Music is Composed By Flamboy. Its Video Song Has Been Uploaded on YouTube Under The Lebel of Kalamkaar.

Lil Bunty Song Lyrics in English (Kr$na)

Little Bunty!
Daddy's Home (papa, Papa)
Yeah Ah!
You Ready? (hahaha)

Real Talk, Main Hun Realest In The Scene
Suna Bunty Ki Jali Toh Phir Yeh Hai Kerosene
Yehh Hai Real Rap, Pull Your Fucking Hair Back
Dhai Saal Pehle Maine Li Thi Iski Bareback

Bana Main Bada, Toh Yeh Meri Kala Se Jala Kyun?
Jab Kara Tha Mana, Kiya Tha Bhala,
Ab Toh Mara Tu (mara Tu)
Kalam Chala Toh Parampara Mein Hara Dun
Femiway Kare Swing Both Ways Jaise Tarazu

Kr$na Tha Chup Magar Haar Ni Maani
Inhone Boht Try Kara, Mar-ni Paa Re
Tu Hai Sugar, Karle Shukar, Tum Toh Maar Ni Khaare
Bane Yeh Kaise Pablo Jab Isko-bar Ni Aa Re

Kara Tha Maine Khatma, Ab Maaru Iski Aatma
Jeeb Bahar Rehti Iski Aadat Hai Chaatna
Hui Iski Hype Dead Toh Aaya Mere Paas Na?
Aakе Mujhe Gaand Di, Aur Main Na Koi Mahatma (kya?)

Jaa Bete Ab Sеhla Apne Man Ko (man Ko),
Bada Hoga Ni Flex Karke Dhan Ko (dhan Ko)
Chote Come Out To Play,
Har Raat Bolta Hoga Apne Lund Ko (hn Ha)

Shot Dene Laga, Ho Gayeh Saare Shot Fail
Kara Ise Down Pehle Round Mein Hi, Boht Tez
Diss Me Sirf Lav*e Yeh, Law*e Wo, Buss Law*e Ki Kahaniyan
But I Ain't Into Cocktails!

Beef Karna Hai Mummy Se Puch,
Jala Daalunga Tujhe Jaise Yahan Garmi Me Dhoop
Leta Main Inki, Jab Bolta Hai Pinki
Toh Mujhe Yaad Aati Iski Bandi Ki(shhh..)

Oh Le Le Bunty Hai Sad Ab (sad),
Sab Jaante Hai Bunty Hai Whack Ab (whack)
Jab Letaoo Tujhe Neeche Main
Loon Teri Peeche Se, Is The Only Time I Need Back Up

Main Mere Punter, Maar Te Hai Hunter,
Subah-shaam Lete Teri Jam Kar
Beat Par Hai Flamboy
Khade Ni Rehne Ka Chal Chhote Jump Kar
Chal Chote Jump Kar, Aake Mere Lund Par

Band Kar, Chote Natak Kam Kar
Lunga Teri Toh Hoga Tu Out Of Sampark
Halki Tone Me Meri Hi Line'ey Bol Ke,
Isse Laga Yeh Cold Hai Nakalchi Hote Bandar!

Mare Pade Jo Aake Kare Yahan Rumble,
Silver Back Mein, Rap Bhale Aaj Jungle
Hilata Reh Beta Oadh Ke Tu Kambal
Skin Light, Mind Me Se Dark-hu-chambal

Rap Pe Aata, Toh Padte Rapad Hai Tujhe (haa)
No Facts, Jab Attack Kare Mujhe (haa)
8 Saal Ho Gayeh Rap Kare Tujhe,
Abhi Bhi Koi Maanta Nahi Rapper Hai Tujhe (haa)

Koi Bhi Sunega Ab Tera Yeh Diss,
Toh Lagega Desperate For Dollar Ka Dic*
Yeh Gadhe Ki Chu* Bol Ra Ra 'apun Hai Dhup'
Toh Kr$na Phir Laaya Yahan Solar Eclipse

Ab Bana Tu Pahad, Yahan Ghati Hai Dost (dost),
Lagta Tu Dharti Pe Bhaari Hai Bojh (bojh)
Yeh Anpadh Ganwar, Raan* Chamiya Chinaal Se
Aage Na Inki Toh Badti Hai Soch (haha)

Ghav Tu Sila Le, Le Le Bandage,
Backstage, If I Catch Son, Might Jack Son-rampage
Thukai Hogi, Chote Lenge Teri Chen Se,
Tera Only Fan Page Hoga Only Fans Pe (yehah)

Femiway, Pussy Whipped That's A Fact Don' (fact Don')
Your Bi*ch Prolly Like To Fu*k You With A Strap On (strap On)
All I Need Is 1 Verse To Put You In A Hearse,
And I Don't Even Have To Put My Cap On (naa)

Kalamkaar Ko Bana Baitha Main Deathrow
Iss Baar Iski Maut Tull Na Paayeh Jaise Jethro
Ending The Silence With Violins Of Violence
Now Watch A Dead Rapper Get Fuc*ed, No Necro

Kulfa Kya Karegi Kulfi Hai Khud,
Bunty Toh Lagta Hai Buddi Se Dusht
Automatic Tha Brush Automatic Ab Tange
Jab Dikhta Hai Dollar Toh Khulti Hai Khud (khud)

Dekho Yeh Chapri Hai Soch Iski Naali Mein (naali Me)
Isko Laga Yeh Brutal Hai Gali Se (gali Se)
Mera Gaana Ni Chala Tha Tere Naam Se
Chala Mera Gaana Teri Badnaami Se

Yeh Toh Teaser Hai Chhote!

Lil Bunty Lyrics Meaning in English 

Real talk, i'm the realest in the scenee

heard Bunty is jealous, so here's some kerosene 

This is real rap, pull your f**** hair back

2 and half years ago, he got done bareback

I blew up, why is he mad at my success? 

when I said keep quiet, it was for your benefit, but now you're dead 

when this pen starts working, ain't no pray and tell

femiway swings both ways like a weighing scale

KR$NA stays silent, but never gives up

they tried hard, but couldn't kill me

sweet like sugar, count your blessings you're not getting beat up

how's he going to be pablo without the bars

finished him, now i'm killing his spirit

sticks his tongue out coz he's used to licking ass

his hype died, so he came to me to revive it

 gives his ass to men in private 

go give yourself a pep talk, flexing money won't make you big

'little one come out to play' is probably what you say to your tiny dick

started sending shots but the shots failed

downed him in one round, real quick 

in your diss telling people stories about your dick

but I ain't into cocktails

want to beef, better ask your mother, 

I'll burn you like the sun in the summer

when he says pinki all I think about is his  girl's....

aww, bunty's sad now coz everyone knows buntys whack now

when I lay 'em down and hit it from the back is the only time i need 'back up'

me and my boys hit 'em up,  smash you day and night, 

flamboy on the beat, don't just stand there, jump

jump on this d****

you're an actor, if we beef you'll be M.I.A

Thinks he's cold when he mocks me, 

but imitation is a game of monkeys

I'm a silver back, if rap was a jungle

skin light, but my minds dark - chambal

when it comes to rap you get bitch slapped

no facts when he tries to attack

8 years you been trying to rap, and nobody considers you a rapper still

if someone hear's you diss, you only seem desperate for dollar's d***

he talking about being the son, kr$na out here causing a solar eclipse

you're trying to build a mountain, I'll make a valley 

you're a weight on this earth, tryna hit me with uneducated insults  

fix your wounds, get a bandage

if I catch son, might jack son - rampage

you're bout to get fucked, your only fan page is going to be on onlyfans 

got kalamkaar looking like deathrow, this time your death is for sure like jethro

you're sweeter than ice cream,  with a low IQ,   

your brush was automatic, now your legs are automatic, they see a dollar and open by themselves

dude is a low life, his minds in the gutter

thought he would throw lame insults and be brutal

my song didn't blow because of your fame, my song blew because I defamed you 

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