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Aruna Irani said- Mehmood made and spoiled my career, both of them were rumored to be married

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Aruna Irani said- Mehmood made and spoiled my career, both of them were rumored to be married
Feb 20th 2022, 08:41, by Hindustan News Hub

Aruna Irani, the famous actress of the 80-90s in the Bollywood industry. who acted in many films. Sometimes she was seen romancing Jitendra, and sometimes Anil Kapoor's stepmother appeared in the role. Whatever character he did, everyone left his mark in the hearts of the audience. This actress, who has worked in more than 500 films, got tremendous recognition in the industry with Nasir Hussain's 'Caravan'. After that he achieved many milestones in his life. He never looked back. Along with the lead actress, she was also well-liked on screen in the role of bubbly friend, fine dancer, flamboyant villain, Khadoos Saas, Khoosat Dadi and Chaalbaaz Stepmother. There is no character that he hasn't played. It is said that the way she laughs and smiles onscreen, she also stays offscreen. If you speak, you will always see the same smiling, smiling, Noorani face. It is not that they have always got success. Many times failure has also been faced. For which she still blames Mehmood Relation With Aruna Irani. In a special conversation with ETimes, Aruna Irani kept many pages of her life open. Which we will know in detail today.

Dilip sahab had offered the first role
Aruna Irani started her career with the film Ganga Jamuna. She was 9 years old at this time. At that time all the children of his building were called for auditions. All the children used to go there only for coke and chips. Aruna says, 'I had very little interest in auditions. All my focus was on coke and chips. When I was standing in a corner, Dilip sahab called me. Said – O girl! I ignored it the first time. But when called again, I went and met him. During this he asked if I am interested in acting. So I said yes. Then he gave a short dialogue. I don't know how he spoke, but he liked it. And that's how I was offered the first role in the film.

Such was the experience in the industry in the early days
Aruna Irani got her first film. After this his acting line was opened. She told during the interview, 'I would like to thank this industry, which gave me such good opportunities. Only the film industry can support an illiterate like me. Because I have studied only till 6th standard. I think people like us get a chance to work only because of the film industry. This will not happen anywhere else.

Success with 'Caravan'
Aruna Irani was working in small films before this film was offered. Now Nasir Hussain wanted a fair-skinned girl for his film. Suresh Bhatt, who was the dance director, suggested Aruna Irani's name. After this the actress and Nasir Hussain met. Things happened and got a role in the film. Although at that time he did not know dance at all. But Suresh Bhatt had trained him. The shooting of the film was over and then released. After which people thought that Aruna Irani was not an actress, but a dancer. After which he started getting many offers for dance numbers in films. He started feeling that where he did not know a single step, now he can dance well. However, after the success of 'Caravan' and 'Bombay to Goa', Aruna Irani did not get any role for two years. But then two years later Raj Kapoor offered her the film 'Bobby', which proved to be a blockbuster. After this, Aruna's life had come out again. He started getting offers back-to-back films. And whatever role came to her, she went on doing it all.

Mehmood became responsible for the sinking of his career
When Aruna Irani's film Bombay to Goa came out, people thought that they were married to each other. Because of this no one was offering him films. The actress laughs and says, 'It seemed that while Mehmood had made my career, it was because of him that my career was also sunk. But eventually all was well. Life was getting back on track. It was a great experience working with Mahmood. He was a great artist. He taught me a lot about acting, comedy punch and so on.

Aruna Irani and Mehmood's relationship
The pair of Aruna Irani and Mehmood became very famous from Bombay to Goa. After this, the names of both were also added. On their relationship, the actress had said, 'We were both very good friends, not only were we better than friends. Maybe you all can even call it attraction, friendship or something. But we never got married, because we were never in love. But if we had been in love, we would have definitely married. But now I have completely forgotten my past.

Let us tell you that Aruna had decided to get married at the age of 40. She was married to director Kukku Kohli. He is the one who gave Aruna a break in Ajay Devgn's debut film Phool Aur Kaante.

Aruna Irani and Mahmood


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