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A Trans Couple From Kerala Is Set To Begin A New Life After Overcoming Social Hurdles

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A Trans Couple From Kerala Is Set To Begin A New Life After Overcoming Social Hurdles
Feb 8th 2022, 09:01, by Susmita Modak

A Malayali trans couple, Syama S Prabha and Manu Karthika, will cherish their love and are happily leading their lives after overcoming so many social hurdles. Manu, a Thrissur native, works as an HR professional for a multinational corporation, and Syama, a Thiruvananthapuram native, works as a state project officer for the Kerala Social Justice Department's transgender cell. The couple is busy making plans to start a new life with their family's blessings on February 14 during a Hindu wedding ceremony. Both 31 years old, the couple has big plans for their wedding and future together.

Although their wedding represents the pinnacle of their love, the couple also sees it as a chance to raise awareness about the transgender population. Manu took a break from work with Syama over lunchtime to share their wedding plans. The pair is as excited as they are about their wedding day, but they still have a realistic attitude on life.

Manu recalled their journey as he proposed to her four years ago andare two sensible individuals, and their love connection is not a fluffy love story like in the movies. He was drawn to Syama because of her brave and sympathetic demeanor. As an older child, she dedicated herself to caring for her family. She is likewise one of those people who prioritize family over all else.

Syama is also a well-known transgender activist. The pair will register their wedding with their transgender identities, according to the Ph.D. applicant. Other weddings in the area were recorded as male and female because the couples wanted to maintain their binary identities. Syama said that they will, however, ask the High Court to record their wedding as a marriage between two transsexual people. We will be the first pair to do so if theyare permitted. The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019, and the Rights of Transgender Persons Bill, 2014 give us the legal authority to do so. They wish it inspires a lot more people to stay true to themselves.

Manu, who is from Thrissur's village, says his mother was the only person who supported him after he came out. The sole piece of advice his mother gave him was to study hard and work hard so that society wouldn't look down on him. Karthika, her sister who passed away a few years ago, often referred to him as her brother. Syama gave him the same strength and love they offered him. Manu expressed that heisproud of his fiance and the work she performs for theircommunity.

Their love blossomed recently, despite the fact that they had known each other for over a decade. They could have started our lives together much sooner." Both of us battled to be accepted by our families and society. We could have fled and established a new life together somewhere else. However, they were determined about starting their lives with their parents' blessings.

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