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Karenvir Bohra plays a guy with a gigantic private part in Kutub Minar

In a new film called Kutub Minar Karenvir Bohra plays a man with a monstrously oversized penis. The “aberration” makes him the laughing stock among friends and family. Only his father supports him in leading a normal life. The film has won a mention at the Berlin Indie Film Festival. Says Bohra, “I don’t want to reveal much about the movie because you have to see the film to know what this eighth wonder Kutub Minar is all about. At the Film Festival when they saw it, they were surprised to see such a bold concept but still a slice of life kind of movie. It really came as a dream to us when the Berlin Indie Film Festival emailed saying you can download your certificate of victory.”

Kutub Minar, Karenvir Bohra plays a guy with a gigantic private part

Bohra is surprised at being honoured internationally. “We thought this email would state 'thank you for participating, better luck next time', because you don’t really expect your film to be appreciated at the global level. But this time it happened to us and Kutub Minar was chosen amongst all the movies in Asia. It is a huge deal for all of us and keeping our fingers crossed we've applied for a lot of other festivals and I hope we keep breaking grounds like this and keep making movies like this”.

Talking about his experience working on the film, he added, “Kutub Minar was one of the scariest as well as the most exhilarating experience. Scary, because I think this was one of the first movies that was shot during the pandemic; we shot in September 2020 and had to contain ourselves in one place during the whole shoot. It was exhilarating because it was a very challenging and bold subject and it is a completely different look, for me to physically and mentally prepare to play a character like this. Also, I was under a lot of pressure because I was working with such fine actors like Sanjay Mishra ji, my friend Sumit Gulati.”

As for working with director Raaj Aashoo, “It was like a breeze. He knew exactly what he wanted, how much is right, how much is less. Even Sanjay Mishra ji loved this about him that he knew exactly what he needed and when to let the actor go on to get the best out of him. I think, in the coming years he'll be a very phenomenal director. Raaj and I are working on another movie as well, so I think this pair will do wonders”.

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