Shweta Tiwari alleges abuse from ex-husband Abhinav Kohli through CCTV footage; he shares series of videos to show his truth

The brawl between actor Shweta Tiwari and her ex-husband Abhinav Kholi continues. The couple has been posting bits and pieces against each other on Instagram. The actor stayed hushed against all the allegations made by Abhinav which includes not allowing his son to meet him after Shweta left for Cape Town for the shooting of Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. But after staying tranquil for a prolonged time, Shweta Tiwari shattered flashed two obscured videos on Instagram on how Abhinav Kholi has abused both his wife and son Reyansh Kohli while strolling in a park.

Shweta Tiwari alleges abuse from ex-husband Abhinav Kohli through CCTV footage; he shares series of videos to show his truth

Shweta Tiwari shared CCTV footage from 2020 when the incident occurred. She captioned the video, “Now let the truth Come out!!!! (But this is not going to stay forever on my account, I will eventually delete it, I am posting this right now to reveal the truth, then it goes off). This is why my child is scared of him! After this incident my child was scared for more than a month, he was so scared that he would not even sleep properly at Night! His hand hurt for more than 2 weeks. Even now he is scared of his papa coming home or meeting him. I can’t let my Child go Through this mental trauma.. I try my best to keep him calm and happy! But this Horrible Man makes sure my baby’s mental health goes back to Square one! If this is not Physical abuse then what is!!!!? It is the CCTV footage of my society.”

In the video, we can witness that Abhinav was ardently trying to snatch his son from Shweta and afterward forcefully flinching. In the other video, their son is scared and stows himself inside the blanket as Shweta consoles him.


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After her post went viral on social media, Abhinav Kohli took to Instagram to hold an Instagram live to show his side of the story. In a 1 hour live session, he claimed that his son had come to stay with him after Shweta Tiwari had contracted COVID-19. Since that time, his son did not want to go back to Tiwari’s house. He showed several videos in which Reyansh was telling Abhinav that he wants to live with him. After sharing multiple videos, Abhinav shared the extended version of the CCTV footage of her society where Abhinav could be seen pushing her and Reyansh in an attempt to take away the child. It is almost 10 minute video and he claimed she only shared one section of it. Apart from that, he showed the videos he had taken on his phone and even the CCTV footage when he came back to hand over their son to Shweta Tiwari.


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The couple has been in ugly custody battle for a year. According to the court documents, he is given time to speak to his son for minimum half an hour via video calls.

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