Aditya Narayan on Amit Kumar’s criticism of Kishore Kumar special

Singer Amit Kumar who came as a special judge for the special edition of Indian Idol on his father the legendary Kishore Kumar, was not happy with the performances by the young Idol singers. In an interview immediately after the show Amit lashed out at the show’s performances and expressed dissatisfaction with the calibre of homage paid to his father.

Aditya Narayan on Amit Kumar’s criticism of Kishore Kumar special

Young singer Aditya Narayan (son of a legendary singer, just like Amit Kumar) who hosts the show spoke exclusively on Amit Kumar’s rather harsh opinion on the show. “With all due respect to Amitji, it is never easy to honour the legacy of a legend in an hour or two. But we always try our level best to put on a great show especially given the circumstances. Due to the pandemic we were shooting in Daman with a limited team and crew, limited rehearsals, different set etc. Still week after week we are putting out fresh episodes where most other channels are playing re-runs of their content.”

Aditya (with due respects, of course) also wonders why Amit Kumar didn’t express his unhappiness about the content while shooting. “Amitji has graced the show on multiple occasions and has always praised our contestants as well as our team. This time also he was lavish in his praise. In fact he was kind enough to share so many personal stories on Kishore da and we enjoyed and cherished each one. If he wasn’t happy with certain aspects of the show he could have just told us during shoot and we would have been more than happy to try and accommodate his inputs.”

Like they say, party poopers can rain on your parade any time.

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