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Lyca Productions takes Robot director Shankar to court

Shankar the maverick filmmaker from the South known for his big-screen fantasies has lately found himself in a bit of a legal jam. First there was the producer of Shankar’s 2005 Telugu blockbuster Anniyan. Producer Aascar V Ravichandran claimed—and rightly so—that the story and screenplay rights of Anniyan belonged to him and therefore Shankar was not within his rights to do the remake.

Lyca Productions takes Robot director Shankar to court

Now comes an even bigger blow to Shankar’s epic plans with his long-delayed Indian 2 finding itself in a legal imbroglio. The producers Lyca Productions have now gone to court to forbid Shankar from directing any other film until he completes Indian 2.

But will Indian 2 ever get completed? The film’s leading man Kamal Haasan has been busy with his political aspirations which are prioritized far above his film career at the moment.

An informed source reveal, “Indian 2 has been troubled from the word go. It has been facing one glitch after another. Now the producers going to the court asking that the director be prevented from signing other films until he completes Indian 2 could have far-reaching repercussions for all directors into multi-projects.”

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