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SCOOP: Bahubali, now planned on a budget of 200 crores as Netflix scraps the low-cost version of 100 crores

Netflix is easily among the richest digital platforms of the world, and for them, the worth of Rs 100 crore is equivalent to the worth of Rs 100 for a middle-class family. According to our highly placed sources, Netflix has scrapped the already shot Rs. 100 crore version of the Netflix Original, Bahubali: Before The Beginning, and have already begun work on a new version of the show, this time around on double the cost of Rs. 200 crores.

“Netflix was not satisfied with the product they had in hand and hence decided to scrap it completely putting Rs 100 crore as bad debts. They reworked on the script, star-cast and technical team and are now reshooting Bahubali: Before The Beginning, on a never seen before, unheard scale for their streaming. They see the potential in Bahubali of being India’s answer to Game of Thrones, and hence, they have decided to take things a notch higher. The overall budget for the new part is Rs. 200 crore, and if we add the scrap value, the project now is worth Rs 300 crore,” a trade source told Bollywood Hungama.

It’s produced by SS Rajamouli with Netflix and is planned as a 9 episode, two season limited series, showcasing the rise of Shivagami set in the world of Mahishmati. It’s said to be a prequel to Bahubali. While the original cast was to feature Mrunal Thakur as Shivagami, we still await an update if she will continue to play the queen or has she been replaced by someone else in this revamped Rs 200 crore version of the franchise. Keep on reading Bollywood Hungama for more such scoops.


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