"I wish my parents were here to see this" - Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood has just been appointed the State Icon of Punjab by the Election Commission, and he just can’t stop feeling the absence of his parents. “Now I miss my Mom and dad more than ever. I always told them I will make them proud and I had promised them that I’ll be known all across our native town Moga,” says Sonu emotionally.

"I wish my parents were here to see this" - Sonu Sood

I remind him that his fame has spread slightly beyond Moga. He laughs shyly, “It’s all because of my parents’ blessings. If now I am appointed Punjab’s icons, I can feel my parents smiling down on me and blessing me. It’s a big responsibility and one that I feel am capable of shouldering. I don’t know where it’s coming from, but I feel tremendous reserves of courage and strength within me.”

What keeps Sonu going in spite of the doubters, naysayers, cynics and jealous elements?

“My honest intentions and the love and belief of the people, the same people who wanted me to be the icon of Punjab. Somewhere they believe in me. No amount of doubters can take away that,” says Sonu resolutely.

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