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BTS to be a special speaker at the 75th United Nations General Assembly

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The widely popular band BTS is returning to the United Nations. Two years after their inspiring speech at the UN General Assembly, the septet will be a special speaker at the 75th United Nations General Assembly on September 23, 2020.

BTS to be a special speaker at the 75th United Nations General Assembly

According to UNICEF Korea official Twitter, "23rd September 2020, BTS will once again attend the UN General Assembly. Please listen to the warm message that is being delivered to future generations and a world suffering due to COVID-19." It will be aired on September 23 (6:30 IST) during the meeting of the Group of Friends of Solidarity for Global Health Security.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Republic Of Korea), "The 'Group of Friends of Solidarity for Global Health Security' at the UN, which was launched on May 12 at the initiative of the Republic of Korea in order for the UN to respond to health security issues, such as COVID-19, held ambassador- and working-level video conferences of the Group back to back on the morning of June 25, New York time, and discussed health and security issues as well as the Group’s activity plan for the year 2020."

BTS began working with UNICEF since 2017 with its Love Myself campaign. In their 2018 speech during UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited at the 73rd UN General Assembly, BTS took the center stage as RM spoke about why it is important to 'speak yourself'. "After releasing our 'Love Yourself' albums, and launching the LOVE MYSELF campaign, we started to hear remarkable stories from our fans all over the world how our message helped them overcome the hardships in life and start loving themselves. Those stories constantly remind us of our responsibility," he said.

"So let’s take all one more step. We have learned to love ourselves so now I urge you to speak yourself. I’d like to ask all of you. What is your name? What excites you and makes your heartbeat? Tell me your story. I want to hear your voice and I want to hear your conviction. No matter who you are, where you from, your skin colour, your gender identity – just speak yourself. Find your name, find your voice by speaking yourself," RM added.

Here's the full speech:

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source https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/bollywood/bts-to-be-a-special-speaker-at-the-75th-united-nations-general-assembly/

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