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Like Ragini MMS 2, Sunny Leone’s sex appeal to be used for Tina and Lolo promotions too ?

Sunny Leone is surely on seventh heaven right now. Her latest horrex film, Ragini MMS 2 got the cash registers ringing at the box office. All thanks to the former porn star’s sizzling sex appeal and extensive promotion of the film.

And now Ms Leone is all ready to set the screen on fire yet again in her upcoming maiden action film, Tina and Lolo, which also stars Karishma Tanna. From what we hear, Sunny will be seen doing some heavy duty gun slinging and high octane action scenes in the film, which is being directed by Devang Dholakia. The sexy bombshell wants the masses to see the other side of her in Tina and Lolo.
So does that mean her sex appeal won’t be used in the promotions of Tina and Lolo, like the makers of Ragini MMS 2 did? Well, that was one of the main things that helped Ragini MMS 2 rake in some big moolah, hai na?
If the makers of Tina and Lolo want the film to be a blockbuster like Ragini MMS 2, they obviously won’t avoid cashing in on Sunny Leone’s USP. And as cheesy and eww as it may sound, but considering today’s scenario, the famous Hindi saying is very apt, “Jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai.

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