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I don’t worship any one God ! :Saurabh Raaj

While he gets to play the sutradhaar of this magnificent mythological telly drama the actor is simply overwhelmed at not just playing God onscreen, but also about all the praises and adulation coming his way. In an exclusive chat the actor spoke about his role and more.

What kind of reactions are you receiving for your performance as Krishna?
I am getting wonderful reactions; people especially love the part where I am preaching and the way I deliver it. I am glad I am doing justice to the role. Audiences especially youth loves the interpretation I do in each episode.
What made take up a mythological show and playing Krishna?
There was nothing about the role that I could refuse it. Playing Lord Krishna is a privilege, it’s an honor and I didn’t think twice before agreeing for the role. The excitement, satisfaction and the high of playing this role is just beyond imagination. It was like a dream for me.
What is so special about this character?
Everything about being Krishna is special because it is Lord Krishna! It’s a life changing experience, I feel so amazing playing the great God onscreen and I give it my best. It is a once in a life time opportunity that came to me and I embraced it with all my heart and soul. I was never ever skeptical about Mahabharateither. The way it is created, conceptualised and materialised it’s just fool-proof. Siddharth Kumar Tewary has just made it so perfect that I knew this was a hit and without a doubt and hence I agreed to the part. I’m honored to be a part of such a grand platform. I feel all of Krishna’s teachings are so apt and even if 40% people watch it we can make a difference in the society.
Do you believe that this role will change your career completely for the good?
Yes it is a turning point for me, all my work has been diverse and nice but playing the powerful Lord Krishna is of course bigger than anything.
Do you feel like God when you are in Krishna’s attire?
Yes, I get into the character completely, these days I am just so focused on my role that I talk like Krishna in real life too. I am honored to be playing Krishna.
Speaking of Gods and religions, which deity do you put your trust in?
I don’t worship any one God; I believe that ‘Sabka maalik ek hai’. I think god is singular and exists everywhere and for everyone.
Could you share with us an interesting experience you’ve had on the sets of Mahabharat?
Yes, once we were in the interiors of Gujarat, people came in to see me yelling, ‘humko insaan nahi bhagwaan se milna hai’ (We don’t want to meet man, we want to meet God). I was shooting and I had to request them to be patient to meet me

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