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2014 is lucky for the Dhoom:3 babe !

Katrina Kaif fans may have to wait till next year to see her sizzle onscreen. Her film Phantom co-starring Saif Ali Khan was supposed to hit the theatres on October 2 this year alongside Priyanka Chopra’s much talked-about Mary Kom biopic.

 However, Kabir Khan’s directorial venture which has KK and Saifu in lead will now release in February next year. The talented filmmaker will be heading to Canada along with his lead pair for a long shooting schedule and that’s the reason why the release date has been changed. Well, that’s what the reports claim. Maybe Kabir Khan didn’t want his film to clash with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s biopic and hence pushed back the release of Phantom. Possible, hai na? Well, whatever the reason, we are sure Ranbir Kapoor’s alleged ladylove wouldn’t be happy. After all, this isn’t her first film which has been delayed.
Earlier, we had told how Kat’s Bang Bang with Hrithik Roshan too was slated to hit the screens on October 2. But the action thriller is far from being complete which means the makers would have a tough time to stick to the deadline. In that case, this year Katrina Kaif won’t entertain the masses. Sad na?

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